Essential Communication Tips for Your Next (and Last) Remote Interview

by Eva Benoit

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Interviews on Zoom and other video chat platforms are becoming more common across a wide range of industries. If you’ve been scheduled for such an interview, or hope to be soon, it’s essential to prepare beforehand.

While there are differences between remote and in-person interviews, both come down to one primary factor: communication. Since effective communication is a primary focus of PRSA Tri-State, we’ve provided some applicable guidance as to how you can achieve it in your upcoming remote interview:

Sharpen Your Resume

If you’re still trying to land an interview, evaluate your resume. Chances are the hiring manager at whatever company you’ve applied to has many resumes they must sift through. Unless yours impresses from the get-go, it may get passed over. Consider hiring a professional writer to polish your resume; many job seekers find it beneficial to hire freelance writers online because it’s a great way to find top-notch candidates who will work on the project.

Get Equipped

When you’re preparing for your remote interview, it’s critical to ensure that you have reliable equipment. After all, you don’t want your device to malfunction in the middle of telling that great story about how you overcame adversity at your last job. If you don’t have a quality, up-to-date laptop or tablet, shop for one on Cyber Monday to see deals and discounts from various manufacturers. And if you don’t have a good set of headphones, that may be a worthwhile investment as well (the Sony WH-1000XM4 noise-canceling headphones are a good choice).

Prepare Questions

One of the most fundamental steps to take when preparing for a job interview is to know how you will answer commonly-asked questions. However, if you want to make an impression, you should have some questions of your own to ask the interviewer. If you struggle to come up with ideas, ask about what the interviewer likes about the company, the role of the position you’re applying for, and the company culture.

Make Eye Contact

Even though your interview is not in person, it’s important to be direct. Remember that the camera on your laptop or tablet is essentially your interviewer’s eyes. Rather than looking at the person, look into the camera during the interview.

Dress Your Best

The interviewer might not be able to tell that you’re wearing sweatpants, but you know it. Even though you’ll only be seen from the chest up, dress and groom yourself like you’re going to an in-person interview. There’s something about looking the part that can boost your confidence.

End with a ‘Thank You’

Finally, after your interview, send a thank-you email within 24 hours. The message should be well-written and genuine. This will show your motivation for the position as well as keep you top of mind as hiring managers field resumes and interviews with other candidates.

For more tips and information on all-things-communication, be sure to keep up-to-date with PRSA Tri-State!

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