Travel Tips for the Nomad PR Life

by Cristina Martin, PRSA Tri-State Treasurer

Sometimes you have to remind yourself where you actually live because it can feel like you’re in a different city every night. This can be a harsh reality for those who have clients that are out of state or out of the county. There are 458.9 million domestic business trips taken in a year alone. In 2017, $304.9 billion was spent in business travel with the U.S. being the second leading country to spend on business travel. China being the first.

If your week begins in New York and ends in Budapest, here are some tips to help keep your sanity.

Rule 1: Keep Organized and Keep a List

It’s the worst when you forget something important when you’re far away from home! Packing with plenty of time before hand and using a list will keep you organized and keep you from forgetting things.

Rule 2: Pack Smart

Buy a set of items you always need specifically for traveling. Toiletries are always needed and often forgotten. Have a set of everything you need packed in a bag that you can just throw in your suit case. One less thing to worry about!

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Rule 3: Invest in Airport Clubs

Many airlines have private clubs for customers who fly business or first class. Did you know you can get in if flying coach also? Well… for a fee. These clubs have numerous amenities like hot food, drinks, and high speed WiFi, just to name a few. Selected clubs even have showers! It is worth the investment if you have one of those back-to-back weeks. Some companies will pay for it or reimburse you. If not, it still may be worth it. You’re not paying for the rest of your trip, so a club fee won’t break the bank. (P.S. Some are REALLY cheap, like Jet Blue for $25 per person.)

Virgin Atlantic Club House at NYC JFK

Rule 4: Have Your Business Trip Work for You

Yes, you read right. You are traveling thousands of miles already, why not open a rewards program with your favorite airline and hotel (or multiple) and start collecting those miles. When you finally take that well deserved vacation, the flight and/or hotel will be free.

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Rule 5: Enjoy Yourself

I know you’re there on business, but you’re also in a new city! Even though you may be exhausted from all day business meetings, skip room service and enjoy the local cuisine. If you have any free time check out the local attractions. Do you have the vacation time? Take a day off and enjoy the city. (You’re already there anyway) Also, since your job has to fly you back home, you’re only real expense is the hotel and meals.

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Cristina is a senior at CUNY, Baruch College graduating in May 2018 with a Bachelors of Business Administration. She has been heavily involved with the PRSA Tri-State District since their first year in 2015. Now she has been serving as Treasurer to the district for the past 2 years. Cristina is also the president and co-founder if the PRSSA Baruch College Chapter. Post graduation she is excited to start her career in advertising at BBH New York.

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