Letter from the Chair

Brandi Boatner, Chair

Dear PRSA Tri-State District Members,

2022 is underway and communicators continue to navigate the waves of change identifying challenges and opportunities from the past two years. Our priorities and tactics from three years ago are now incredibly different for both consumers and communicators.

Today, communicators are still dealing with changing consumer habits and expectations, creating content on the fly and trying to figure out what resonates with audiences.

Consumers are trying to navigate key technology powered activities like online shopping, streaming and entertainment, remote work, remote learning and telemedicine.

Given these shifts, our industry is well positioned to define redefine and rethink our relationships as communicators in 2022. We need to get back to basics and redefine our relationships in four key areas:

    Relationship with the media and influencers: simplicity and streamline
    Relationship with our audiences: content, culture, and purpose
    Relationship with employees: empathetic leadership, mental wellness
    Relationship with ourselves: data analytics, new skills and self-care

This theme of redefining our relationships will be our north star guiding activities throughout the year. We will continue our annual tradition of hosting the Tri-State District Conference in October 2022 (more details coming soon).

The primary role of the PRSA Tri-State District is to provide support to local Chapters and assist in sharing best practices for the Chapter’s organizational effectiveness. The Tri-State District Board leads and executes initiatives designed to further professional development, collaboration and networking opportunities for Chapters within the District. This year our Board will work closely with Chapter members to ensure their voices are heard and that they have the right access, exposure and information.

This year also marks the 75th diamond anniversary of PRSA. Our organization was founded in 1947 combining the American Council on Public Relations and the National Association of Public Relations Councils. We will celebrate this milestone throughout the year. I would also like to encourage Chapter members to volunteer to be on our 2022 conference committee as well as volunteer to be a member of the Tri-State District board. If any member is interested in getting more involved and participating in District activities, please reach out to John Tintera (jo**********@gm***.com).

In closing, diversity and inclusion continue to be critically important for the industry and for the Tri-State District. Every February, we celebrate and recognize Black History Month. Please remember every month is Black History Month however, in February take the time to learn about the Black pioneers in the PR profession through the Museum of Public Relations, check out the new PRSA Diversity Affinity Groups, host activities in your local Chapters and understand the meaning of the word allyship.

Thank you for your membership in PRSA and cheers to a wonderful year ahead!

With warm regards,
Brandi Boatner
2022 PRSA Tri-State District Chair
Immediate Past Chair, PRSA Technology Section

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